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Segway Challenge

If you haven’t experienced the joys of the Segway you are in for a treat! We have a fun filled 100 square metre Segway course, sponsored by Scotland’s cable wakeboarding park Foxlake and East Lothian Council, where you can test your skills and balance to the maximum!

The Segway course is for everyone aged 7 and above, so whether you’ve tried it, loved it and are looking for your next challenge, or simply want to try it out for the very first time, our course is for you!

Segway is a great family activity and something that all generations can enjoy together. Segways are self-balancing and gentle: you don’t really need to be skilled or experienced to enjoy it. Being able to ride a Segway is actually down to weight – the Segway needs to pick up slight changes in body weight via its footpad, in order to get instructions. Children under 45kg will find this a challenge (that’s roughly 7 years old) so we advise that only 7 years up participate.

Our guides are friendly, relaxed and skilled and will be more than happy to help you enjoy your Segway experience.

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