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How would you like to run in one of the world’s most iconic marathons?

How would you like an inclusive paid trip to New York to include flights, 3 nights accommodation and most importantly a slot in the 2017 New York Marathon?

Well, you can get both at this year’s show!!

Come along and try out our new mystery marathon challenge and you could win this amazing prize.

To enter our free competition it’s very simple; all you have to do is run a mile on one of our treadmills at our marathon challenge feature and match the mystery time that we have selected.

So, it’s not the quickest, it is simply the person that runs the closest to our mystery time over the weekend who will win this amazing prize.

Go for it…..bring along your trainers and try your luck - someone from the show will be going to New York!!

And it could be you ….see you at the show!

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