Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show

SECC, Glasgow
10-12 March 2017

GSI Sport Events are coming to the show this March!

Wednesday 1 February, 9:00am

Great news, GSI Events is coming to this year’s show! They will be promoting the Scottish Half Marathon Edinburgh taking place this September and Mens 10K Glasgow Marathon this June.

A great set of challenges to set your sights on for later in the year. Make sure to head along to the show and sign up for your next challenge this year!

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Excited to announce Runderwear are coming to the show this March!

Tuesday 31 January, 9:00am

Great news, we are excited to announce that Runderwear will be coming to this year’s show! Runderwear is one of the most comfortable running and sports underwear in the world.

All products are seamless, with no nasty seams digging in and causing chafing. The ergonomic product design works with the body to help reduce friction and allow freer, faster movement. The technical fabric is moisture wicking - keeping you drier, longer. Runderwear believe in turning the uncomfortable into comfortable, a great brand to check out at this year’s show!

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The Great Run Company are coming to the show this March!

Monday 30 January, 9:00am

We are excited to have The Great Run Company at this year’s show! Presenting the largest, most compelling and innovative series of mass participation running events in the world, they will be promoting the Great Scottish Run 10K and the Women’s 10K in Glasgow.

Taking runners on a tour of the River Clyde, before heading back towards Glasgow Green for the big finish! The events will take place this October, so why not head along to the show and find out your next challenge for 2017!

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Sport Orthotics Clinic are coming to the show this March!

Sunday 29 January, 9:00am

Great news, Sport Orthotics is coming to this year’s show! Sport Orthotics offer a winning team of state registered Orthotists and Podiatrists, specialising in biomechanical assessments, insoles/orthotics and orthopaedic bracing for the entire body.

Their orthotic and biomechanics clinics are based in Hamilton near Glasgow. Orthotics are commonly used in insoles in footwear to help control the mechanics of the foot when you walk or run. Specialist Orthotists and Podiatrists are trained in assessment and manufacture of custom orthotics for their patients, so you can get the custom treatment you need!

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David Lloyd Leisure Club are coming to the show this March!

Saturday 28 January, 9:00am

We are excited to announce that David Lloyd Leisure Club will be attending this year’s show! They will be offering a range of taster fitness classes to help kick start your 2017 on the right foot!

As one of Europe’s leading racquets, health and fitness Groups, with 85 clubs in the UK and another 10 clubs in Europe they will be providing high quality classes to give you a real taste of what their club is all about, and how fun keeping fit can be! Check back on our website to pre book your classes before the show.

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Primal Europe Sportswear are coming to the show this March!

Friday 27 January, 9:00am

Primal Wear is coming to this year’s show! Lets be honest we are all a varied bunch from weekend

But we all share one thing, we all live for wild fun in the great outdoors. Primal make clothing and accessories so you can get out there and make life as fun as it can be. From performance enhancing fabrics to t-shirts you can wear on your day off, Primal offers something for everybody, giving you the chance to enjoy life to its maximum potential!

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Ultimate Sports Engineering are coming to the show this March!

Thursday 26 January, 9:00am

Exposure Lights is coming to this year’s show! Designed and manufactured in the UK by Ultimate Sports Engineering, Exposure Lights is leading the way in technological development using the highest quality materials and production processes, so you can Own The Night when you cycle!

Voted Mountain Bike Rider's 10/10 Best Helmet Mounted Light for the past 2 years running, they provide both cyclists and runners with the highest quality lighting, so you’re ready for every adventure come day and night!

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Big News...Merida Bikes are coming to the show this March!

Sunday 22 January, 9:00am

Exciting news this week, Merida has been announced to feature at this year’s show! The company is proud to manufacture only beautiful, high quality bikes enabling anybody to reach their destination as pleasantly as possible.

They pride themselves on cutting edge professional racing technology, focusing on efficiently and comfort, so that professional riders can reach the finish line in the best condition possible in order to win the race. They believe everybody has a different journey, but anybody can benefit from a Merida!

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