Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show

Climbing Wall

For the thrill seeker in you we have our Climbing Wall to give you a sense of climbing in the great outdoors. You can choose to either start with the very basics or try a more challenging climb of up to 9 meters! Whichever you decide you will be supported by one of our experienced instructors who will provide advice, support, and encouragement. Anyone can have fun climbing even people who are afraid of heights!

For those experienced climbers who want a bit more of a challenge, new for 2019 we have a rotating climbing wall. This climbing wall treadmill not only rotates but can also tilt making sure you get a full body workout as most muscle groups are targeted. Come along and test your skills, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Whether you're a kid or adult, beginner or more proficient climber, we've got a climbing challenge for you at this year's show! So make sure to give it a try at the show, and push yourself for 2019!

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